DtHI (2025)

Quietly and almost unnoticed, a business club culture has emerged on the German-French border in recent years that can compete with Anglo-Saxon metropolises and surpass other German cities.

The future is already here

No-one can predict the future, except to say that it always lurking just ahead of the present. For years self-employment was a marginal phenomenon, but now everyone seems to be a freelancer. The same goes for mobile phone, personal trainers, network organizations, you name it... All existed long before the vast majority of us became aware of them. The future is already here - it's just very evenly distributed.

Time makes the difference

The Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu called time the most important weapon in warfare. Speed is the key to business success, except wehen the opposite applies. Sometimes, having more time than the rest can pay dividends. Whatever the case, time makes the difference.